4th EFT Summer School 2019 The Way it Was

What an amazing experience
we all had at the

4th EFT International School 2018
London, UK

a Conference featuring international trainers in the field of Emotionally Focused Therapy

​We hope you will all join us again next year.

100% of attendees will recommend future School events to their colleagues!
A lot of participants were recommended to come through ‘word of mouth’. One previous attender sent her daughter to us this year – she attended both Newcomers and EFT-Trained cohorts and left full of admiration and praises for the experience!

 ‘I was a participant of All the EFT Schools since the beginning. The 2019 one is the best ever so far – definitely a Highlight of the Year for me!’
‘Super clear and amazing how such intensely difficult Trauma material was presented in the safest way possible, with such courage and gentleness from Leanne and Kathryn, and how ‘tolerating the ‘harrowing’ was demonstrated so skillfully and gracefully’.

‘Leanne and David, what a brilliant and moving tandem – like dancing EFT Tango together! Clear presentation, tons of spirit, passion and compassion.’

‘Very-very high quality, personal and touching, even if heartbreaking at times to see the poignant video clips of trauma couples… Connecting groups were great, holding and safe, and with space to ask Qs and challenge and to be challenged’.

‘Great organisation and efficiency from the team! Questions always responded to with competence, energy and positivity. Felt welcome from the get-go, looked after and nurtured. Thank you for a great platform to learn, truly ‘a secure base and safe heaven’!’

‘Impressive intellectually, emotional in an empowering way, meaningful and inspirational. You’ve made my year so far, All!’

‘Gulya’s excellent pacing, knowledge and safety she’s created in the audience made the model seem so ‘easy’ and accessible…filled my heart with warmth and appreciation and excitement to learn more about this wonderful approach… see myself already trying it in my therapy room!’

‘Excellent… Intense and moving…Sad it’s over’, ‘Impressive intellectually, emotional in an empowering way, meaningful and inspirational. You’ve made my year so far, All!’, ‘So many good memories and a feeling of joy and inspiration that lasts!’

‘A terrific event with you, Gulya, at its heart; listening to your warm, funny, passionate introductions and instructions was every bit as enjoyable as the training! Great-Great Job, Well Done, Gulya and the team! Please, CARRY ON!’

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