‘Love and Attachment will Save the World’
Power of EFT in Healing and Growth in a Broken World.

EFT-Trained Cohort: 5th-8th July [Block 1 on 5-6th Jul,
9am-4pm and Block 2 on 7-8th Jul, 1pm-8pm (LONDON time)]

Deepen your EFT knowledge and expand your therapeutic skills with world-known EFT Masters

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All 4-Day and Block 1 participation:

5th-6th July (9am-4pm, LONDON time)

Breaking Up but Still Connecting: An EFT Approach to Healthier Breakups.

Helping Couples Who Want to Break Up, Using Emotionally Focused Therapy: with EFT Trainer Ting Liu

with Ting Liu, PhD, EFT supervisor and trainer, USA.

Not all couples who come to therapy want to save or fix their relationships. More importantly, breakups do not have to be traumatizing or detrimental; it also does not have to become the biggest failure in life. As couple therapists, we need to be able to help these couples break up with compassion, appreciation, dignity, clarity, and self-worth as they move through this painful and scary process.

This workshop will focus on two challenging issues in couple therapy: (1) how to help couples who are indecisive or with different goals whereas one wants to end and the other wants to save the relationship; (2) how to help couples go through three stages of EFT to end the relationship while maintaining some levels of connection. Methods of presentation will include didactic teaching, experiential exercise, video demonstration and discussion.

All 4-Day and Block 2 participation:

7th-8th July (1pm-8pm, London time)​

The Promise of Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) in Unravelling and Treating Intergenerational Trauma

with James Hawkins, PhD, and Robin Williams Blake, RP, PhD, EFT supervisor and trainer, USA.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT; S. Johnson) is best known as a potent couple intervention but has always, from its inception, been used in clinical practice with individuals. This workshop focuses on Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) as it applies to working with individuals struggling with the echoes of trauma, including intergenerational trauma. Attachment science and an experiential Humanistic approach offer a map that simplifies how we view and frame clients’ problems, and how we intervene across the three-stage therapy process. The ‘experiential assessment’ tunes the therapist into clients’ strengths and vulnerabilities to chart clients’ therapeutic journey toward a felt sense of security in self and others – the pathway to symptom resolution and the antidote to trauma. You’ll discover:

  • The key elements of the attachment perspective and its significance for understanding personality, the impacts of trauma, including intergenerational trauma
  • The process of attunement, connection and treatment planning in EFIT
  • A guide for framing the problem in EFIT and charting the process of therapy toward expanding the sense of self and removing the barriers to growth and connection
  • The three-stage approach to working with trauma in EFIT
  • How to apply key attachment-based experiential Humanistic interventions based on the EFT model and over thirty years of process and outcome research

Working with Trauma using EFT for Individuals (EFIT), featuring EFT Trainer Dr. Leanne Campbell, the presenters Drs James Hawkins and Robin Williams Blake work in close collaboration with.

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All days and Block 1 Registration – Wed 5th Jul at 8.30am

– Wednesday the 5th Jul9am till 4pm
Thursday 6th Jul – 9am till 4pm

Block 2 Registration – Friday 7th Jul 12.30pm

– Friday 7th Jul- 1pm till 8pm,
Saturday 8th Jul – 1pm till 8pm


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