EFT-Trained Programme

7th EFT International Summer School 2022 in London, via Zoom

‘It’s Never too Late’ – Love, Survival and Healing in Families and Relationships

EFT-Trained Cohort: 6th-9th July, 2pm-9pm (LONDON time)

Deepen your EFT knowledge and expand your therapeutic skills with

world-known EFT Masters!

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OPEN to all qualified psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists practicing EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) approach, or familiar with the model at least at an Introductory level.

For All Participants – EFT-Newcomers and EFT-Trained Cohort

Date/time: 3rd July, 1.30-3.30pm (London time)

Bonus session – only £35

Title: ‘Where Does It Begin? Healing and Connection in IFS/IFIO & EFT’

With  Gulya Diyarova, London, UK, MSc Tavistock, Cert. EFT therapist and supervisor,UKCP reg., Acc. COSRT, BACP, ICEEFT

The Self is like an orchestra conductor who helps all the parts to function harmoniously as a symphony rather than a cacophony.’ – Dr Bessel van der Kolk

Both EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) by Dr S. Johnson (the 1980s) and IFS as in Internal Family Systems (Intimacy From Inside Out, IFIO for couples) by Dr R. Schwartz (early 1990s), arguably are the two of the fastest growing therapy approaches in the world. Both are powerful evidence-based experiential therapeutic models focusing on intrapsychic and interpersonal processes in individuals and couples, and allow for the relational and personal healing and growth. Briefly, IFS outlines that we each contain a central Self (Core Self, My Self, Spiritual Self, Soul) and many Protector parts (Managers and Firefighters).
It appears that these two modalities, EFT & IFS, present two perspectives on the most intriguing dilemma in psychotherapy – where does the change come from and begin with, what is primary? Is it internal resourcefulness, self-regulating ability which does the trick and lets one to find a good satisfying relationship – or is it developing of a secure attachment and co-regulation in your relationship first that then helps get rid of one’s own defences and reactivity?
Dr R. Schwartz suggests that in IFS ‘attachment theory is taken inside’, where client’s core undamaged Self becomes a ‘good attachment figure’ to client’s own parts. It feels that these two compelling models can be complementary for some clients or couples and there is a scope for integrating both approaches in a creative way in your clinical practice.
This brief seminar will give a concise introduction to key elements of IFS/IFIO framework, and will compare and contrast EFT and IFIO for couples therapy with relevant case examples.

Workshop objectives:

  1. Outline the IFS/IFIO protocol and framework for couples therapy.
  2. Who is in conflict and who is fighting?
  3. “From self-protection to safe connection” (L. Phillips) in IFIO
  4. EFT and IFIO: commonalities and differences.
  5. Where the connection comes from? Attachment and Self-leadership.

Resources and references:

Brief description – https://theweekenduniversity.com/internal-family-systems-therapy-an-introduction/
Becoming Whole (R. Schwartz) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNtussFaYC0
Internal Family Systems Couple Therapy (Skills Manual), Toni Herbine-Blank, Martha Sweeze, 2021,
Internal Family Systems (Skills Training Manual, F. Anderson, M. Sweeze, R. Schwartz, 2017

All 4-Day and Block 1 participation (Note LONDON time):

6th July (2pm-9pm)

Families workshop (Part 1): ‘Advanced EFFT workshop Emotionally Focused Family Therapy for Families with Adult Children’ 

With Gail Palmer, RMFT, MSW, EFT supervisor and trainer, Canada

Interested in getting training in Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) as it applies to Families with Adult Children? Join us and learn from the best, Gail Palmer, co-author of the newly published text on practicing EFFT.

There are many families who have gotten caught in tensions and misunderstandings as normal adult developmental stages unfold. They are stuck and are suffering. Emotionally Focused Family therapy is an attachment based approach which conceptualizes these family difficulties as attachment dilemmas. For example, there can be a collusion of attachment longings as the adult child strives to be seen and accepted for who they are separate from their family while parents long to be connected and of continuing value to their children.

This six hour workshop will review the EFFT interventions and the process of change by highlighting the differences when working with an adult child’s family. Video examples of work with a mother and daughter dyad will demonstrate this process from the initial session to consolidation. Participants will have opportunity to practice EFFT interventions.

Objectives for Workshop

  1. Participants will demonstrate an ability to conceptualize the family system and the problems families encounter from an attachment perspective.
  2. Participants will demonstrate an increased knowledge of the Emotionally Focused Therapy Model as it applies to families of adult children.
  3. Participants will begin to develop the ability to shape and create corrective emotional experiences that help family members repair relationships and build strong and secure attachment bonds.
  4. Participants will develop a felt sense of the attachment challenges facing adult children’s families.

This workshop is open to all interested mental health professionals.

All 4-Day and Block 1 participation:

7th July (2pm-9pm LONDON time)

Families workshop (Part 2:) ‘Will We, Parents’ with Adult Children, Ever Truly Get Each Other? Treating Families with Adult Children. Hold Me Tight/Let Me Be Me workshop (HMT/LMBM) perspective’

with Nancy and Paul Aikin, PhD, EFT supervisors and trainers, USA.

A workshop on treating Families with Adult Children, part 2.  In part 1 Gail Palmer shares her teaching and experience from the EFFT perspective, and in part 2 Nancy and Paul Aikin share from the Hold Me Tightâ/Let Me Be Me workshop (HMT/LMBM) perspective.

Interested in learning how to run the new Hold Me Tight® / Let Me Be Me Program for Adult Children and Their Parents? Learn from the creators of this exciting new program, Drs Nancy and Paul Aikin.

This program is designed to facilitate new conversations and strengthen family bonds.

A relationship between parents and one child might grow easily. with another child it might get stuck. We hope that we will be able to struggle together with change and loss. We may be lucky enough to have the help of grandparents and still we want to work to be understood.

Whether you are 22, 42, 62, or 72 what parent doesn’t want to heal ruptures with their grown up kid and what adult child doesn’t wish to be understood and accepted in their separate autonomous lives? We often don’t know how to be with each other, especially in difficult moments in life. Adult children and their parents remain a family for more decades than ever before. Roles keep changing, and with these shifts, moments of distress are inevitable, and insecurity triggers.

This training will provide you with all that you need to Know. You will leave this training equipped with how to offer the HMT/LMBM Program.

Drs. Nancy and Paul Aikin, Clinical Psychologists, Certified EFT Trainers and Co-Directors of the Greater Sacramento-Davis EFT Center will teach Dr. Sue Johnson’s empirically validated concepts of love from Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) – modified to fit the attachment systems present in family life.

With the help of theory, exercises, structured private family conversations and group support, participants will grow an appreciation of how to reframe their needs for connection to better fit each of the stages they find themselves facing as a family.

Watch VIDEO clips of the therapists helping when the family relationship is in a troubled place HERE.

All 4-Day and Block 2 participation (Note LONDON time):

8th-9th July (2pm-9pm)

2-day Master Class ‘Healing Affairs: The Power of Attachment’

with Dr Scott R. Woolley, PhD, EFT supervisor and trainer, USA.

Learn how to work with Affairs and Infidelity from a renowned expert in the field!

Affairs can have a devastating impact for individuals, couples, and families.  However, not all affairs are alike, and the healing process can vary depending on affair dynamics and motivations. This workshop outlines 7 different types of affairs based on motivations for affairs, which is key in learning to end affairs and prevent future affairs.  Using video demonstration, discussion and exercises, participants will learn how to understand, treat, and bring healing to couple relationships who have been impacted by the betrayal of affairs using the power of Emotionally Focus Therapy.

By attending this powerful presentation you will have learned:

  • How to distinguish between different types of affairs and understand dynamics in the relationship depending on the affair typology?
  • How to put affairs into the cycle?
  • How to work with affairs in Stage 1 and Stage 2?
  • Learn key ingredients necessary to help couples heal and move past affairs?
  • How to do a proper Attachment Injury repair?

Times (Note LONDON time): Days to run from 2pm till 9pm on all days.

(To check the time in your timezone click here)

Registration and the Schedule:

4-Day and Block 1 Registration – Wed 6th Jul at 1.30pm

 – Wed 6th Jul – 2pm till 9pm
Thurs 7th Jul – 2pm till 9pm

Block 2 Registration – Friday 8th Jul 1.30pm

– Friday 8th Jul- 2pm till 9pm,
Saturday 9th Jul – 2pm till 9pm

For All participants – EFT-Newcomers and EFT-Trained:

Bonus session: 3rd July 1.30-3.30pm


We normally take a decision as to whether we have sufficient numbers to run an event six weeks prior to the event.
If you are having to travel to London, we suggest that you bear this in mind when making your travel and accommodation arrangements as we cannot be held liable for any costs incurred if we have to cancel an event.
​Please take care of your personal safety and your belongings while at our training events. We are not responsible for any accident or personal injury that occurs during our training events or items that are lost or stolen during our courses and workshops.
EFT International School reserves the right to amend, change or cancel workshops or trainers at its own discretion due to circumstances beyond our control.

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